Monday, July 27, 2020

What Happens After Liposuction

Like many other type of cosmetic surgery, patients who undergo liposuction are subjected to a recovery process. During this process, there are some important points that patients should know. Let us take a closer look at what lies ahead following a liposuction procedure with Ballantyne Plastic Surgery Charlotte NC.

What to Expect

In the first 12-24 hours, your incisions will leak out fluid. The leakage should stop by a few days but can continue through the first week, and that is normal. Sometimes, the fluid may even be a pink color as there are small amounts of blood mixed in. Again, this is normal. Do not remove your girdle until about the third day to shower. Don’t be concerned about your early results, your first glimpse will only get better. There will still be some swelling and puffiness for six to eight weeks after surgery. And remember, the girdle will decrease your swelling and soreness so where as instructed. Usually that means 24/7 for the first three weeks and half the day for the second three weeks.

A Quick Return

After liposuction patients are not confined to a bed. On that first day, they can still move around the house and maybe even step outside for a bit on the second or third day. By day four, patients could already go back to work and by day seven, it should be back to life as usual. However, any kind of accelerated exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided until your doctor says you are cleared to resume the activity which is usually around two weeks after surgery.

A New You

When about three weeks have passed, you may have the urge to start shopping for new clothes. Be patient as there is more shrinking to come. Furthermore, some patients find that their appetites have waned and this could last up to six months after the procedure. This can be a good time to implement smaller, healthier meal portions, which are become ever more popular in the US. The bottom line is that the process of healing will cause your body to shrink, thus enhancing the overall effects of your liposuction procedure. If pairing this procedure with a new, healthier diet it is even more reason to hold off on a whole new wardrobe. Your patience will pay off.

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