Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Many women envision what they will look like with a breast enhancement and how that will improve their appearance and boost self confidence. But most women do not spend as much time wondering about the recovery process that follows a breast augmentation. Here is a look at what to expect after your breast augmentation procedure at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery Center in Charlotte.

The Initial Aftermath

Expect to be sore after your procedure because that will indeed happen. Your muscles will feel very tight, which will require you to have the help of someone for a day or two after the procedure. That help is not just to make your life easier, but it is also part of the healing process. Doing too much activity could do damage to yourself.

Expect swelling and bruising. Some women have hypersensitivity, or too much feeling, to their nipples and they can be very sensitive at this point. This is self limiting and not permanent. Some also use ice for short intervals over the course of the day as well as pain medicine prescribed by your doctor. Recovery is also enhanced in this stage by wearing a surgical bra that will be placed at the conclusion of your operation. Within a week’s time, most of the immediate aftereffects should subside and you will be able to return to work and engage in some light activity.

Returning To Normalcy

Most of the initial side effects of your breast augmentation procedure will be gone after a week’s time, but that doesn’t mean you are in the clear just yet. Some swelling and soreness will likely remain into the second and third week of recovery. You can then increase your activities, but do not overdo it. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to resume exercise to decrease the risk of bleeding. Week four is when you should really start to feel “back to normal” as if you never had surgery.

A New Look

Scarring should begin to fade away in the first few months and your new breasts will begin to take on their new shape. All soreness and swelling should be gone by that point. Patients can also continue to practice regular breast massages. Your doctor will instruct you how to do the massage and for how long.

Ballantyne Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, NC can provide you with the breasts you have always wanted. Dr. Liszka will walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have. For the best in Charlotte plastic surgery, contact the experienced team at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery. Discover the art of confidence today.