Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Vivace is Revolutionizing Micro Needling

The Vivace fractional micro needle is quickly becoming the newest and most effective way to naturally stimulate collagen production. This treatment is minimally-invasive and the results are speaking for themselves. Vivace fractional micro needling earned honors during the 2020 Aesthetics Everything Awards. It was also recognized with a 2020 patient’s choice award given by Realself, earning the distinction of “Most Worth It Procedure.”

The Vivace fractional micro needling experience involves something known as RF, which stands for radio frequency. This describes the unique way the process is carried out. The radio frequency produces heat and that acts as a stimulant for the production of collagen. The RF combines with precision micro needling and the end result is younger looking skin that is much tighter. Additionally, the RF features 31 different depths of penetration as this technology has made the Vivace a true state-of-the-art product.

The science of the Vivace uses topical anesthesia and then creates minute channels deep within the skin as a way of producing new collagen. Those channels remain open from four to six hours, ensuring collagen stimulation.

The process takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to complete. An overwhelming majority of clients have reported a completely pain-free experience. The design of this product focused on comfort, further evidencing why it is quickly becoming a popular choice among patients from all walks of life. It should also be noted that an additional 30 minutes is required for numbing purposes before the actual micro needling begins.

There is a variety of target areas when using the Vivace. It serves the purpose of reducing fine lines and wrinkles while also minimizing the size of pores. The results are an improvement in texture and tone. The absence of downtime has also contributed to the widespread popularity of Vivace as well. Patients can leave the office wearing immediate results. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve the desired result.

There are several reasons for the rise in popularity of micro needling and the Vivace has hit on all those points. The process allows for the targeting of smaller areas and it is acceptable to use on clients of all ages. Younger people with acne scarring can benefit from using the Vivace just as much as older patients fighting the onset of age.

The Vivace has been approved by the FDA, alleviating any concerns over patient safety. It uses a robotic motor that helps immensely with creating a pain-free experience.

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